Music Videos

Collection of music videos from all over the world.

  • Role Producer, Camera Operator, DOP
  • For Various Artists

Angie Mc Mahon – Pasta DIR: Benemac DOP: Jake Simkin

Hopium – Sunglasses for Warner UK (Producer/Camera Operator)

Polish Club – Clarity (Camera Operator)

ALTA – Now You Want me
(Camera Operator)

Pete Murray – Class A (Producer/DOP) DIR: Yen Ooi

Pete Murray – Better Days for SONY BMG (Producer/DOP) DIR: Yen Ooi

White City – Perfect 10 (DIR/DOP)

White City – Space Cadet (DIR/DOP)

Inga Liljestrom – Film Noir (DIR/DOP)

Pete Murray – Summer in Eureka EPK

Angie March - When I am Old